After reading the article, "Is the Cafeteria Ruining Your Life", complete the chart on page 21. You will write an argumentative essay where you state your opinion on the topic of cafeteria seating and support it. Use the outline we filled out in class as your guide!

Go to the following site if you lost your handouts...

After reading both articles, tell in a complete paragraph what ONE thing surprised you the most about reading the articles and why.

This means you need to (1) state the article, (2) write what surprised you, and (3) conclude with your thinking on why that fact was surprising.

  1. So.... there has been a bit of an uproar lately about the amount of arsenic that has been found in rice and rice products.
  2. Read at least 2 articles (located under the "News and Articles" tab).
  3. Tell which articles you read. 
  4. What is your opinion about it? Tell what you think and support your thinking with data from the article(s). Your answer should be a paragraph long (about 5 sentences).
  • Here is the sentence breakdown...

  • You should have one sentence stating your opinion (sentence 1), one quote from an article that supports your opinion (sentence 2), one sentence that explains how the article quote supports your opinion (sentence 3), and a few sentences of your thinking that further explain your opinion and why you're correct (sentences 4 and 5+). 

Go to the following link and explore the map titled, "Human Footprint".

What is this map about?
How do you know that?
What conclusions can you draw after playing around with this map?

What topics are you most excited about learning about this year? Why are you looking forward to learning about them?
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